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From: Friday, October 30, 2015 9:33 AM -0600
Subject:Awesome October at Lanigan Elementary School

        It seemed like almost every day in October at Lanigan Elementary School was filled with some kind of special event or activity. The Grade 2W and 2F classrooms started the month off with a trip to the Forestry Farm in Saskatoon on October 7. The students toured the zoo, as well as pond-dipping and getting a close look at a ferret, hedgehog and python snake. Also on that day, the E Wing enjoyed their annual Harvest Feast.  It was a time to share a wonderful meal with friends and family.
        The Artist-in-Residence from Dancing Sky Theatre in Meacham hosted a two day puppet workshop for K-5 students. Kristi Friday visited LES on October 15 & 16 to show the students different types of puppets such as shadow, rod and hand/mouth puppets. She also  explained what materials go into making them. She allowed the students to try out her suitcase full of puppets as well as performing a brief play for everyone. The Grades 3-5 students had longer sessions to put on their own puppet plays.  


        Education Week was marked from October 19-23 with the theme of Celebrating Each Student. The Education Week Committee planned a fun week that began with the students creating their own “Facebook” pages on paper to hang in the hallways. The next day, students had to add positive comments to classmates' Facebook pages. Another unique activity was the “Dress as your future self” day. Buddy reading among the younger and older students came towards the end of the week while the last day was reserved for a school wide assembly. The Committee had several dances for the students to participate in but the main event at the assembly was watching the video interviews of students & staff talking about LES.
        It was also Library Week the same time as Education Week. In conjunction with this, the Saskatchewan Library Association ran a Book Spine Poetry Contest. Book Spine Poetry is a free verse poem composed by using the titles written on the spines of books. Mrs. Hollman from the LES Library assisted students in creating their own poems for the contest. Wednesday, October 21 was set aside at LES to show appreciation to Mrs. Hollman for being a great librarian.  

        The 2F and 3/4H classes visited Central Parkland Lodge to entertain the residents with Halloween songs and pass out treats on October 28 & 29. The 2F students also enjoyed a pumpkin hunt with the residents.  

        The SRC planned Halloween fun for everyone on the afternoon of October 30. The whole school gathered in the Gym for some Just Dance movement and the traditional costume parade. Then the rest of the day was devoted to classroom parties or, in the case of the S Wing, more dancing.

        - Debbie Fick