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From: Friday, October 30, 2015 9:25 AM -0600
Subject:Home Tourney for Senior Girls at Winston High

        Starting Friday 23rd Watrous senior girls, team one and two competed in the home tournament for the title. An exciting time for the teams to show what they got to their entire school and supports, including past team players. Like always, a tourney in Watrous became an exciting one.
        The teams in this tourney were Wakaw, Balgonie, and Annaheim alongside with Watrous that was split into two teams, team one and two until the semifinals and finals. The girls played strong like they always do, playing each game together and with enthusiasm for the sport. When the semifinals came around and the girls came together as one large team, they took each game including the final, making them the winners of their home tournament.
        An exciting weekend for family, friends and of course the team. A big thanks to everyone that volunteered to help make this tournament the success it was and of course to the supporters and the girls, for playing an amazing game to take the win.


Sarah Davidson
Winston High School
School Reporter