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From: Friday, October 30, 2015 9:20 AM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News

Since September, Imperial school has been in a scramble to get back in to the swing of things and welcome new and returning students. Despite this mad dash, our new Principal Baade (or PB as I like to say), has been handling things with finesse. With the help of the SRC and SCC, PB threw together a “Meet the Teachers” BBQ to make sure all of our staff also felt welcomed, and of course to honor Education Week as well. The BBQ was such a hit, Kevin Garinger (the King of Schools) even stopped by and gave a speech. The In Motion committee also executed an Amazing Race that had everyone working on their cardio, and Big Kids and Little Kids united in an effort to win for their teams. Education week also inspired the staff to encourage all students to embrace their inner reader, and on October 21, Big Kids and Little Kids once again united for an entire period of reading. Last but not least, a free lunch was hosted at the school on October 22, consisting of hamburgers and hotdogs. The only thing that could make this month any better is an amazing Halloween, which in Imperial is a guarantee!

Kennedy Lewis, Imperial School Reporter