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From: Friday, October 30, 2015 9:17 AM -0600
Subject:LeRoy is Being Literally Literate!

Holy! October was a super busy month for LeRoy School! We had so much going on coordinating with education week and Halloween! Our amazing librarian Mrs. Lissel was working super hard to provide us with opportunities to widen our ability to be literate! Mrs. Lissel along with our SRC brought in Mr. Eric Walters an author that spoke to students K-12 about his life events that inspired his books. Along with this Mrs. Lissel planned our huge book fair. With the book fair if we raised a certain amount of money we earned free books for our own library. It was a huge hit and books sold like crazy! Another fundraiser we did this month was cookie dough. The school did very week hitting almost all of the goals including a PJ week! As a school we sold nearly $7000 of cookie dough! Great job!!

During education week we had Discovery Ford come in and run Drive One for Your School! We made nearly $1500 just from driving cars! With that day the SRC also had an open house and game night with an assortment of Minute to Win It games and a family scavenger hunt! This was super fun and a huge hit in the school and community! To finish off the month we had another successful, spooky, and fun Halloween!! We would also like to wish luck to all of the volleyball teams going into league playoffs, pre-districts, and conferences! Good luck guys and girls! Look out for more in LeRoy School!  

Cassidy Oesch
LeRoy School Reporter
Grade 12