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From: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 12:42 PM -0600
Subject:"HCI Teacher Recognized as Female Coach of the Year"
A former University of Regina track and field athlete who is now a teacher and coach at Humboldt Collegiate Institute is adding to her list accomplishments.

Nicole Unrau was honoured on Saturday at the Saskatchewan Athletics Annual Awards Banquet with the Female Coach of the Year award.

Unrau is also the head coach of the Quill Plains Track club which she she started three years ago, she explained why it is so important to her.

"I think lots of these kids that are joining this club are looking to do more track than the very short high school season so this is just giving them the opportunity to compete in meets and be noticed and maybe have some extra opportunities come there way so it's just very exciting for those kids and for us as coaches."

With Unrau herself being so successful as well as local Olympic athlete Brianne Thiesen-Eaton's success, track has ceratinly grown in the region, "Brianne is a great role model and the kids know who she is and they're really excited to see how far she's come so I think all I'm doing is giving them the opportunity to reach some of those next levels," Unrau explained.


She has also had the opportunity to be the assistant coach for the 2009 Sask Summer games, and then was a head coach in 2013.

When asked how it felt to be honoured Unrau said it was very exciting, "it was sure nice to see the many accomplishments of the club noticed and our athletes have obviously worked very hard, so I think that was partly why I was noticed was because all of their accomplishments."

Her many local athletes have been coached to various levels including high school competitions, Saskatchewan Summer Games, Western Canada Summer Games, and Legion Nationals.

- Written by Angie Dukart, Discover Humboldt/Bolt FM