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From: Friday, October 23, 2015 8:50 AM -0600
Subject:Annaheim School News
Education Week    

For Education Week, Annaheim School is doing a number of exciting things to get everyone involved.  On Monday, October 19, we started our week with an assembly to thank our fantastic bus drivers for all that they have done for us, from getting us to school on time, to taking us to various presentations and sporting events across the division.  Our annual “Meet, Greet, and Eat” will be hosted Thursday, October 22.  We look forward to this School Community Council-sponsored event every year. It is a chance for staff, students, and parents to visit and see the successes of the students in Annaheim. Librarian Appreciation Day is this week as well, so that gives us an opportunity to give our thanks to the wonderful librarian we have for always trying to find new and exciting books for the students to read. Once again we are starting up our reading buddies for the year!  This gives all the students a chance to read and make new friends as we will meet up with them on a weekly basis for the rest of the school year.  Last but not least, on Friday, October 23 the SRC is putting on “The Amazing Race Annaheim.”  The students will be divided into teams and will travel to different “countries” to complete different games and earn points for their team.

Molly Yungmann
Annaheim School Reporter