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From: Friday, October 23, 2015 8:48 AM -0600
Subject:Wakaw School News
This month there were a few exciting things happening. The football team had several thrilling games. The most exciting game by far was the game against Carrot River for second place. The Warriors dominated the game, 32-28, and now Carrot River will come to Wakaw on Friday, October 16th. If they win this they will continue on to an inter-conference playoff game with a team from a Northern conference.
Wakaw School celebrated the life of Terry Fox in September. The whole school walked throughout the town to show their appreciation for Terry. Before the walk, the school collected donations to donate to cancer research.
Our school also had school pictures on Monday, September 14th. The retakes for students will be on the 19th of October. Picture Perfect, from Saskatoon, took the pictures.
Cross Country was also a big thing. On October 1st, seven students from Wakaw School attended Cross Country Pre-Districts in Middle Lake. Three students moved on to Districts in Wynyard, but only two made it to the event. All the runners did very well at both events.
Wakaw School is also holding its annual Safety Patrol Induction Ceremony on Friday, October 16th. Seventeen new members are to be inducted into the Safety Patrol team. There are also 10 members that are being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. All members of the Safety Patrol Team help keep the kids at Wakaw School safe by guarding the sidewalks and stopping vehicles so that pedestrians can cross.
Wakaw School has had some recent excitement, and hopefully there is more to come in the following weeks.
Jackson Skoworodko
Wakaw School Reporter