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From: Friday, October 23, 2015 8:46 AM -0600
Subject:Quill Lake School News

Back in June the QLS SRC and Naicam Cropper Motors teamed up and  put on a very successful Drive 1 4 UR School. We had the community come out and test drive one of the Fords Cropper Motors brought to us. For each Ford that was driven, $20 was donated to our school for funding for bussing for school trips, motivational speakers, and other fun activities the SRC puts on throughout the year. We had a full day of events for everyone to enjoy. We had a community BBQ from 11:00-1:00 and Treehouse Treasures was set up in the commons area with a big variety of things from paintings, to jewelry, to shoes. The SRC, with the help from the SCC put in a lot of work and planning hours to make this event the hit that it was. All students had a part in the day whether it was running errands, cooking the burgers, or helping set up or clean up. We couldn’t have done it without the incredible group of students we have! In the end, we fundraised an astounding $4,240, and Kevin Cropper presented us with the big cheque on October 13th. The cheque will be put on display in our school to show that hard work definitely does pay off. Once again great job QLS!

October 9th was a long day for the Grade 12 class of QLS. The 8 students have been busy planning their graduation and how they are going to come up with the money they need to make their day as awesome as possible. Their first fundraiser was a bottle drive that started at 10am on Friday, the 9th. They went around to local farms and toured the town asking community members to donate their empty bottles and cans. After taking 9 truckloads to Sarcan in Watson and sorting for many hours, they came up with $1, 451. For only 8 students and a day of work, they were pretty proud of the money they came up with. The money raised will go towards renting the hall for their grad program and supper, and for the catering for supper. Grad is a scary and exciting thing, and this class isn’t wasting their time trying to make it perfect.

Sabrina Odelein
Grade 12
Quill Lake School