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From: Tuesday, October 13, 2015 9:06 AM -0600
Subject:F. I. R. E. D. Fired Up!
Goodbye warm sun, the leaves are falling and noses are turning red at the tip. Tis the season of autumn colors and of course, Football, but this year it’s not just football that’s starting.  The start of this year’s Football season is something Winston hasn’t seen in many years. A new Wildcat Cheer Team has joined the school, breaking way new school and team spirt.

Grade eleven students Kloey Bells, Meagan Stokke, and Caroline Seidlick had a vision for more school spirit in our school and Coaches Colleen Bells and Terilee Stokke helped gather a team of all ages and got the girls ready for the upcoming season. Give me a W! Give me an I! Well not exactly, the girls empowering and unique cheers really help get the crowd F. I. R. E. D. fired up! The first game and the girl’s first appearance as a team was the home game against Cupar, the crowd was livid with energy and even the team felt the spirit on the field that day. The girls did an amazing job and still continue to do so at every game, can’t wait to see how this impacts the school and grows for school years to come!

It takes a lot of determination to start something new in a small country school, but these girls managed to do it, and not just do it but do it well. The school this year is seeing spirit and pride unlike any other school year here at Winston, and it is definitely a worthwhile change.
Sarah Davidson
Winston High School
School Reporter