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From: Friday, October 2, 2015 11:40 AM -0600
Subject:Ituna School News
September 1st kicked off the first day of classes for Ituna School. Students and staff were eager to be back while in the hopes everyone had a great summer. September 3rd was the annual welcome back pancake breakfast where staff, students and parents were encouraged to come on out and enjoy it. Huge thanks to everyone who came out and helped. The school next kicked off our big magazine fundraiser. It is our school’s main fundraiser for the year and like usual we encouraged all students to go out and sell, sell, sell. On Friday, September 11th Ituna School welcomed in Robb Nash. He talked to the students from grade 7 – 12 about his past experiences and concluded on how each and every student has a reason to be where they are today.  Next on the agenda was picture day. On September 15th all students rolled into school all dressed up and with big smiles on their faces. The SRC is very willing and excited to make the 2015-16 school year a fantastic one.
Sports wise, our Sr. Football, Sr. Volleyball and Jr. Volleyball programs started up as students couldn’t wait to begin. The football boys have been working very hard each morning and putting in early hours. They started off their season with a home game against Raymore on September 4th. It was a close game but they just fell short of a win. The following Friday the boys travelled to Southey and got a win with a score of 24-14. On September 18th they were off to Canora finishing with a winning score of 58-21. The next Friday they were back to face Raymore, but couldn’t manage a win. The boys are pumped to be back on the field and are off to Milestone on October 2nd. Good luck boys with the rest of your season.


The Sr. volleyball team kicked off their season by practicing hard most days after school. They attended their first tournament advancing to C finals. That final came along with many Trojan fans and a hardworking team, which helped them win first in the C. They are continuing to practice each week. Their next tournament is October 3rd in Invermay. Best of luck to the girls!
The Jr. volleyball team has also put in many hours of practice and game time from the beginning of school. They have been practicing in the morning to prepare for their games. They had their first game against Kawacatoose on Thursday, September 24th, which they won. The following Friday and Saturday they were in Raymore’s tournament. They made it to the finals on Saturday without losing a game all weekend, but they just came up short of a win. 2nd place is a great accomplishment and the team and their fans are excited for what the rest of the season has in store for them.  


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