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From: Friday, September 25, 2015 11:44 AM -0600
Subject:We Are All Wildcats

Wildcat pride, two words that shaped the day of a new Winston High School. On Wednesday September 23rd the staff of Winston held the first ever Student Day, a day dedicated to a wave of change in Winston. It was a day unlike any day in Winston history.

The day started off with a free breakfast in the gym where all the students gathered in suspicion, waiting for the exciting day to start. Students were given “Pride Groups” and colour categorized T-shirts before the real excitement began. After a big dance craze the students settled down for their guest speaker Tyler Durman, a worldwide known speaker from California. Tyler spoke greatly on living an “Amazing Story” and having “Save the Cat” moments and learning how to open up and deal with emotions and life itself. A very inspirational speech by a very inspirational man. After his talk there was a burger and ice cream sandwich lunch until it was time for the games to begin. Two words, Gym Blast, Amazing Race. Both were unbelievable fun for every student and every member of Winston. It couldn’t have been a better way to kick off Winston’s new plan of Wildcat pride.

Winston is setting an example for the new Winston that is about to come. Students day couldn’t have been one without all the Sponsors, all the teachers and staff, Tyler, the Gym Blast team and members of the community that took their time to help. A huge thank you goes out to everyone. One thing to remember after a day of fun and Winston Pride is we are ALL wildcats.


        Sarah Davidson
        Winston High School
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