Lance Hiltz
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From: Friday, September 25, 2015 9:10 AM -0600
Subject:The September Scene at LES

        September at Lanigan Elementary School has been filled with activities, events and sports. Literacy Day was marked on September 8 when the whole school stopped to read at the same time.  On September 9, families were invited to the annual Back to School Barbecue.  There must have been extra hot dogs because the SRC served more of them for lunch a week later!   School pictures were taken on the 15th.  Everyone was happy to be served ice cream by the Ministerial Association on the 16th.  Earlier that day, the Grade  2F class visited Central Parkland Lodge to read to the residents. The SRC organized in-school dances for each wing at different times on September 18.  Bus evacuation drills were held for all students on September 23.  A presentation by author Sigmund Brouwer is coming up on September 29 as well as the Terry Fox Walk on the 30th.  Fall sports are also up and running, such as volleyball, football, golf and cross country.  

- Debbie Fick