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From: Thursday, September 24, 2015 1:18 PM -0600
Subject:We're Getting Our Schell On!
Welcome back to Schell, I hope everyone enjoyed their summer are excited to be back into the swing of things at school. Our theme at Schell this year is The Ninja Turtles and we have embraced the motto "Get Your Schell On" for the year. Take a look at some of the things our staff and students have been busy with in this first month of school.

First of all, thank you to our division for renovating our gymnasium over the summer. We are very excited to be using it and showing it off to visitors as they come into our building.

To kick off the school year, on Friday, September 4, staff and students were greeted with a lovely welcome back barbecue. We had semi-cooperative weather to BBQ in, and a long line up for the food, what a great gathering it was! September 11th was picture day and everyone came to school looking their best, with a big smiles on their faces. The school year will continue having music & band on days 1 and 4 with their new music/band director! Students enjoyed a day off of school on September 21st so our teachers could attend a collaborative learning day.

In sports news at Schell, our senior girls have once again joined with Imperial for volleyball and have been practicing hard for all their tournaments. They have represented our school well so far. The junior girls volleyball team at Holdfast have also been improving their skills and will kick off league play this Thursday in Holdfast against Strasbourg. On September 26th the junior girls will host a 6 team home tournament. Please stop by, support our canteen and cheer on our team. The cross country team has also been practicing hard at Schell and will complete their run at the beginning of October.

September 30 is our first Ninja Turtles Spirit Day so make sure to show your pride and dress up! I hope everyone is excited to be back at school and back with their friends!

Ranita Luzny
School Reporter