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From: Thursday, September 24, 2015 1:14 PM -0600
Subject:Wakaw School News
Another summer has passed and it has been a busy few weeks back at school for many students. Some are coming into the building for the first time, and others are on their last year of school.

Wakaw School has been very active the first few weeks of school. The Warriors football team played their first game against Hudson Bay and won 20-6. The volleyball team had their home tournament and the A-team came out on top of the competition.

The grade 4--6 students have begun fundraising by going on their annual walk-a-thon. After receiving pledges, the students went on a day of fun to a nearby camp to take part in various activities. The elementary staff has many new faces. The school also had a recent population increase, which has resulted in some classes being split..

The first weeks have been busy, but there will still be more to come from Wakaw School. Hopefully everyone has a great school year!

Jackson Skoworodko
Wakaw School Reporter