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From: Thursday, September 24, 2015 1:12 PM -0600
Subject:WES School News
Welcome everyone to another AWESOME year at W.E.S

All our staff and students are super excited to be back at school.   This year we have 231 students and 2 interns, Miss McMann and Mr. Paul.

On September 10th the SCC hosted an AWESOME event. HUMAN Hungry Hungry Hippos! Students, siblings, and even parents joined in. There are 2 people on a team 1 person lays on a scooter board, the other person holds their legs and pushes them around the gym to collect as many balls as they can in their basket.  The team with the most balls at the end of the game WINS!

On the 28th its picture day! All staff and students dress up to get their picture taken.   On the 30th we get active as we do the Terry Fox walk.   Both the high school and elementary school get together and walk around Wynyard to raise money for cancer research.   That night anyone interested can come and enjoy the SCC pasta dinner in the school gymnasium to raise money for our school.

We have some cool things going on in our class rooms as well.   Mrs. Denesik’s 1/2 classroom made their own apple juice and set up a “boot camp” in their classroom where they get up and do an exercise program as a class.  In Mrs. Chorney’s grade 2 class Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Viola Swamp made a special appearance to read their story to a very astonished class.  This year we are proud to say our leader in me program is expanding to almost all of our classrooms!

These are our September events.

Raea Lamont
School Reporter  
Wynyard Elementary School