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From: Thursday, September 17, 2015 4:01 PM -0600
Subject:TLS Celebrates Literacy Day by Connecting with Students in Singapore

September 8, 2015 was International Literacy Day.  To celebrate literacy, students in grade 1 and 2 participated in an exciting opportunity that connected them with other young students from as they described, “the other side of the world”.  Mr. Parobec’s sister-in-law is currently teaching at the Canadian International School in Singapore.  After contacting her, a plan was created to allow the students to communicate back and forth.  The students in grade 1 and 2 first brainstormed places that they thought were really far away.  Places like Saskatoon, Regina, Toronto, and Calgary were shared.  A map of the world was then projected on the white board where students identified where Canada was and with the help of the teacher marked where Middle Lake was along with the other cities they shared that they thought were far away.  Next, Mr. Parobec showed them on the map where Singapore was.  The students were amazed at how far away it really was and were excited to meet the students from Singapore.  Each student colored their own Singapore flag and helped make a short video to send to the students in Singapore.  The video included a welcome message from Mr. Parobec, a short message from each student sharing their name and something that they liked to do, and at the end Miss Michayluk read a story to share with the students in Singapore.


The students were very excited to hear back from the students in Singapore.  Miss Lindsey and her students in Singapore sent a video message back that included the country where each student was from in her class, a message from each of the students sharing their name and what they liked to do for fun, and also read a story back to us that we were able to listen to.


This opportunity was a great way to celebrate International Literacy Day but also a unique way engage our students in their learning.  We look forward to staying connected with our new friends in Singapore and sharing more stories throughout the year!