Lance Hiltz
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From: Monday, September 14, 2015 3:04 PM -0600
Subject:Back to School Advice from Drake School
Back to School Advice!

When September comes, school begins and summer ends before you know it. When you were having so much fun, you laughed until it hurt, and when you go crazy. But, all things must come to an end, then summer went by fast.

Before you board the bus, or leave your house to go to school, you might freak out from anxiety. What if everyone has changed? What will everyone think of me? Do people still accept me? I think that deep down in your heart, you want to become a different person. It is maybe the exact opposite personality from your personality last year! That person is everything you want to be.

Sometimes, you might even have an outside character. Maybe it's fun and bubbly, or dark and mysterious. For my school years, what I had was my outside character. I hid behind it at all times. I didn't want to reveal my true self because people might not think I fit in.

But, then I realized, I didn't have to hide anymore. My true self was revealed. I thought, why fight it? I have a couple more years of school, and I might as well just enjoy it.

My outside personality was gone. It didn't matter to me anymore. I want to be myself around all my friends. So that they understand, this is the real me. So the message is, be yourself. You shouldn't act like a person you're not, just because of what you think will happen.

Positive energy always defeats negative energy. Stay true to yourself, keep goals to keep yourself enthused, and have a great first month of school!

Francine Bebita
Grade 6, Drake Elementary School