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From: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 3:30 PM -0600
Subject:Summer Reading

Help stop the “Summer Slide”

School’s out for summer! Students are looking forward staying up late, sleeping in and days with friends and fun. Those days of freedom can sometimes take their toll on the progress your children have made this year.   


What is the summer slide?

Summer slide refers to what happens when kids take a break in learning. While we all enjoy the summer months and the unscheduled relaxation time and time with family, there is always some catch up that teachers face when kids come back in September. We know that in the summer kids can lose up to three months of reading growth. We are not advocating for summer academic programs but there are some summer activities that can help reduce the impact of the summer slide without imposing on the important aspects of the summer break.

What can be done?

Keep kids reading - Experts have found that for older students reading four to five books can stop the summer slide. For students in Grade 3 and below just 15 minutes a day of reading will do the trick.  Making sure your children have books they choose based on their own interests and at a comfortable reading level are vital to keep them reading over the summer.

Model reading – adults also could use a break and a chance to curl up with a good book. Read to your kids, read beside your kids, read with your kids, share a book you are reading with your teenagers – let’s make literacy a part of what we do.

For more ideas, please visit the Horizon School Literacy Page (Parent resources located at the bottom of the page): http://www.hzsd.ca/literacy/