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From: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 9:51 AM -0600
Subject:June So Soon: Year End Highlights at L.E.S.

        It's a toss up over who is more excited with the end of the school year in sight - students, parents or teachers!  There is always excitement and anticipation in June with many interesting activities going on.  
        The annual Run, Jump & Throw Day was held on June 10 for K- 5 students.  This year the K-2 students participated in a standards meet as a change of pace from the Fun Day they had done for many years.  From all accounts, the students enjoyed the new format while competing for points for their House League teams.
        The 3/4H classroom and the 2F classroom both made visits to Central Parkland Lodge to entertain the residents on June 18 & 19. The older students put on a Father's Day program, while the Grade 2 students presented a Farewell Show.  The 2F room has been involved all year with the Lodge so they celebrated not only with a performance but with cake and cards too.
        The K-2 students have been busy hosting events this month.  The 1B/1P Arts Education class invited all of the students at L.E.S. over three days to watch their Reader's Theatres, while 2W had parents come to their room for a program as well.  The 2F class welcomed family and friends to their Wind & Water Open House.   
        And what would June be without the ever-popular year-end field trip?  A variety of experiences were planned in Saskatoon & area such as the Fun Factory, Western Development Museum, tennis lessons, laser tag and wave pool.  The Grade 1B & 1P classes learned how to geo-cache in Watrous while the Grade 3S students explored the Science Centre in Regina.
Now what to do in the last few remaining days of school...