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From: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 9:48 AM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
This final month of school here in Imperial couldn’t be going any faster! This month included fun activities for the Elementary and the High school end of Imperial school and of course final exams.

Last Monday (22nd) the attending high school students were called to the ball diamonds to play slip and slide kickball organized by the SRC. Each base had a corresponding paddle pool that the runner would stand in with a final homemade slip and slide from 3rd  to home. Thanks to students Cooper Vance & Noah McLane the pools and slide were supplied with an endless source of freezing cold water by lending the school their pumps and water trucks & knowledge of their use for the event. At the end of the game students had the chance to play on the slip and slide before heading back to the school for a well earned piece of cake. As wacky and hillbilly as this event may sound there were no injuries, and no tears. So Job well done SRC.

Yesterday on the 24th the elementary students partook in the classic year end event of Play Day. Divided into their colour groups from survivor, students went head to head on challenging events such as high jump, accuracy & distance throwing, and of course gunny sack races. Play day takes a lot of teacher effort on supervision, as well as the burger, hotdog, juice,
& ice cream sale at the end. Play day is something that all students look forward to this month, regardless of win or loss, however I am proud to say that my elementary Green Team took home the win this year!

All in all, June has ran smoothly by all definitions. High Schoolers had a successful final event, elementary had a successful final event, and finals will be over and done with tomorrow so that summer can start and end for another school year at Imperial to begin.

- Ben Lewis, School Reporter