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From: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 9:32 AM -0600
Subject:SHSAA AGM and Awards

PRESS RELEASE – SHSAA Award Recipients

A number of honors were bestowed upon individuals from HCAA schools at the Annual General Meeting of the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association (SHSAA) held [June 17-19]  in North Battleford.

Garth Anderson (Foam Lake Composite) received the highest honor awarded by the SHSAA, as he was one of only three people in the province to be presented with the SHSAA Merit Award.  The award acknowledged Anderson’s long-time contributions to high school athletics as a coach as well his contributions in the organization of high school athletics at both the District and Provincial level.

Tom Schwinghamer (Humboldt Collegiate) was presented with the SHSAA Service Award, recognizing his extensive contributions in coaching and organizing athletics in Bruno School and Humboldt Collegiate throughout his career.  The Service Award is given to only fourteen people in the province.

Curtis Strueby (Lake Lenore School) and Tessa Jordan (Wynyard Comp) were honored with SHSAA Outstanding Coach awards.  These awards will be presented to them at their school.  Cameron Choquette, a student from Kelvington High, will be presented with the SHSAA Outstanding Official award, also at his school.

Further details on the accomplishments of these individuals can be found on the next pages or by contacting the school.


SHSAA Merit Award – Garth Anderson
Garth Anderson has been heavily involved in high school athletics his entire 33 year career.  Garth has been a passionate and successful coach and has led a number of teams to Provincial Championship titles.  As a principal for many years at Foam Lake Composite, he has always been supportive and encouraging to both his staff and his students in their extra-curricular pursuits.  Garth also officiates and has taken the time to facilitate and mentor upcoming officials.

Garth was very involved in his district’s athletic associations his entire career, including terms as President of the East Central District Athletic Association and as Treasurer of the Horizon Central Athletic Association.  Besides serving on the district executives, he has always been an important contributor to the ideals of high school sport at both the district level and the provincial level.  He has attended 33 consecutive SHSAA Annual General Meetings and has always contributed a great deal of discussion and insight.

Garth’s dedication and commitment to high school athletics in his school, community, district, and province are unquestionable.  He approaches everything he does with passion, and has always been passionate about what is best for students and student-athletes.

SHSAA Service Award – Tom Schwinghamer
Tom Schwinghamer has been an integral part of the athletics program at Humboldt Collegiate Institute (HCI) since his arrival from Bruno 12 years ago in his capacity as a coach, official, trainer, and manager.  Prior to his arrival at HCI, Tom had contributed 14 years to Bruno School as a very active teacher and coach. Tom has experienced success as a coach in a long list of sports including football, volleyball, track, fastball, golf, and badminton.  He continues to be tireless in his efforts as a teacher, coach, and manager at HCI.  
Tom has always put tremendous effort into developing his technical skills as a coach so that he is better able to provide his athletes with current and appropriate instruction.  Developing the appropriate skills in athletes takes time, and when Tom has taken on programs, he has always done a great job of conveying the skills in a way that allowed his athletes to experience success.  Tom has maintained high expectations for his athletes, and has always taught the value of commitment to his athletes.
Tom Schwinghamer epitomizes all that is good and right in high school athletics.  The amount of time, effort, and skill he has committed to high school athletics is nothing short of amazing.  He clearly cares deeply about athletics and students.  

SHSAA Outstanding Coach Award – Curtis Strueby
In eight short years, Curtis Strueby has had a major impact on athletics in Lake Lenore School.  Curtis traditionally has taken on at least four programs each year, and has let his student-athletes to countless provincial medal performances, a number of Provincial Championships, and numerous Sportmanship Awards from the SHSAA.  His knowledge and coaching skills are excellent, but he also instills intensity, passion, responsibility, and respect in his athletes,

SHSAA Outstanding Coach Award – Tessa Jordan
Tessa Jordan has been involved in various aspects of the athletics programming at Wynyard Composite.  Tessa has coached junior and senior basketball.  This school year, the senior boys team rose to a level even they didn’t believe they could play.  Tessa officiates volleyball and basketball, works as a minor official at our home football games, and is the Officials Commissioner for the Horizon Central Athletic Association.  She has also worked to develop the young officials in the school.  The leadership Tessa instills in the students is unparalleled.

SHSAA Outstanding Official Award – Cameron Choquette
Although Cameron Choquette is still a high school student, he has already been a major contributor to high school athletics.  In volleyball, Cameron has progressed from the local level official to the provincial level, having officiated at SHSAA provincial championships this season.  He has officiated all volleyball games at Kelvington High School for the past two years but also travels to other schools to officiate volleyball games and tournaments.  Since grade eight, Cameron has taken on the responsibility of organizing and training minor officials.  This season, he began his career as a basketball official.  



Back row (L-R):  Barry Croshaw, Eric Anderson, Rex Selby, Brian Grest, Travis Flahr, Rob Kurbis, Crandall Hrynkiw, Garth Anderson

Front row (L-R):  Tessa Jordan, Kevin Grieman, Kerri Archibald

Missing from picture:  Bill Ruetz, Trevor Otsig, Blair Wourms, Shaunda Halldorson-Gudnason