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From: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 9:18 AM -0600

As the school has wrapped up I asked a few people around the school to answer a few easy questions. First came the student body questions, the replies were positive, the student I asked said he had really enjoyed the out door Ed class. Especially when they got to explore around at new places and create new memories with classmates. But he is really looking towards his spares next year as it will be his senior year. He feels though that the performing arts program could improve a little.

Next came the teachers, fortunately I found one teacher that wasn't to busy trying to prepare classes and exams. I asked what she thought the school body needed to work on, her response was that we need more school spirit- everyday not just in the gym blasts. Her favourite memory of the year was the Lazers winning senior girls volleyball provincials, "Excellent group of girls, awesome season." Sadly though this amazing teacher will be leaving and going to work at HCI. :(

Lastly the principal had to be asked a few questions, she is really excited about the renovations that are happening over the summer to the school. But is sad to say that there will be a large turn over in the staff. Ms. Bartel is retiring, Miss Wilde is going to HCI, Mr. Fitzsimmons will be the principal of Watson, Mr. Baldwin with his job search and the principal herself Mrs. Appel will be principal in Drake next year. Though we will welcome the new shop teacher Mr. Mason and new physed teacher Mr. Jordon.

And for the new principal and more staff stay tuned till the fall reports!

Have a great summer!     

- Brandi Senko-Loose, School Reporter