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From: Thursday, June 25, 2015 8:45 AM -0600
Subject:LCHS Grad

Lanigan grad has come and gone, with 28 students graduating. Their theme this year was, “We’ll make h15tory”! As usual the girls looked stunning in their beautiful dresses and the guys looked more dressed up than usual. They all cleaned up good! :)
Their guest speaker Char spoke about the accomplishments that young people have made around the world and that any one of them is capable of accomplishing the impossible. The principal’s report presented by Mrs. Appel told the students that they will never know the answer to something if they don’t try. Brittany’s valedictorian speech was about how they as a class have already made history in the walls of the elementary and high school and will continue to make history on their new paths of life. After the speeches was the slideshow with the embarrassing pictures of all the grads, my favourite part of the evening. Then was the grand walk with grads and escorts, everyone looked so happy especially the grads knowing that this would be their last high school event, well maybe some more then others I'm sure some of the girls were ready to cry.
With that, the students are on their own ways creating new memories and making history.

Brandi Senko-Loose, School Reporter