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From: Monday, June 22, 2015 4:10 PM -0600
Subject:Three Lakes School News

        Our last month of school has been full of excitement! During the first half of June all the students in grades 1-10 enjoyed field trips at Stoney Lake and in Saskatoon. The Avenger Awards Banquet was on June 11th, with the guest speaker’s being Matthew Parsons and Garth Anderson, who spoke about their own athletic journeys and achievements. So many athletes of all ages won trophies in recognition of their hard work and dedication to their respective sports teams they were involved in. The Cardinals won the House Cup (which hasn’t happened for as long as anyone can remember!) On June 12th the SRC hosted a Sub Sale in the school at noon. It was a huge success and made for a delicious lunch! On June 16th our SRC elections wrapped up. Next year our SRC president will be Kethia Gies, Vice president will be Kale Dobrohoczki, Secretary and Treasurer will be Meagan Lechler and Alyssa Kirsch, and the Social Director will be Madison Griffin. Congrats to all these Grade 11’s willing to step up, help out, and make a difference in our school! Three Lakes Academic Awards night took place on Thursday June 18th where many academically inclined students from each grade were recognized for their hard work and good marks in their studies.
Exams for high school students will be happening this last week, (June 23rd-26th) with the rest of the school year wrapping up completely. Study hard and good luck to everyone on your exams! Also, congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2015 who’s Exercises will be at the school on Monday, June 29th! Good luck in your futures and make it a good one! As for the rest of the grades, have a great summer and see you in fall for another fantastic year at Three Lakes School!!  

- Morgan Heidecker, School Reporter