Lance Hiltz
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From: Monday, June 15, 2015 9:23 AM -0600
Subject:Fun in the Sun at LCHS!

On Wednesday June 10th LCHS packed up their swimsuits and towels, for a fun filled day at Leisure Land near LeRoy. There was one way for you to have this fun filled day and it was if you sold two or more magazines, brought food for the food bank or sold something from Lamontange sales.
The high school students that got to go enjoyed a burger and drink when they arrived provided by the SRC, after lunch ice cream was served. It was delicious!
As everyone finished with their food, they went to get their swimsuits on, and jumped into the refreshing cool water or they packed up their golf bags for a round of golf. Either way everyone had a good time. Even the teachers let their hair down by playing games on the beach.
Around 2:30 everyone loaded back on to the buses as we headed back to school to catch our rides home.
I hope that we can do this again but maybe for a whole day instead a part of the day!

Brandi Senko-Loose