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From: Thursday, June 11, 2015 1:43 PM -0600
Subject:May at FLES
May at the Foam Lake Elementary School was a very busy month as it included many activities.  One activity was track and field.  The track and field team participated in pre-districts in Raymore on May 19 and districts on May 26 in Saskatoon.  The practices were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. In total, nine grade 6 students went to pre-districts. Four students moved onto districts held at the Griffith Stadium in Saskatoon. Overall, all of the students did very well.
Our school also had many special days including grade 6 Bazaar and grade 2 Pioneer Day.   The gr. 6 students chose a country and did extensive research about it.  On May 8, the students invited their parents and the community to view their displays, to ask about their research, and to share some cultural foods that they all enjoyed.  Pioneer Day is where all the grade 2 students spend their day like pioneers. They come to school dressed like pioneers with their lunches packed in brown paper bags.  They did many fun activities including making butter, ice cream, taffy, beef jerky, dried apples, Johnny cakes, rag dolls, and candles. They also sewed quilt squares, square danced, spelling bee, horse shoes, potato sack races, and three legged races.  
The Foam Lake Composite School also performed a drama production The Hobbit.  All of the students from the F.L.E.S. went to watch the production.  Later in the month the grade 6 class hosted the grade 6 ball tournament on May 29th which included students from Wynyard, Wadena, Quill Lake, and Ituna.  This tournament had all the towns playing softball for the day.  It was a great day.
Our SCC, with aide of the local RCMP and EMS, sponsored a Bike Rodeo on May 22.  During the bike rodeo, the student’s bikes were inspected for safety and they learned and practiced all the rules of biking safely. The SCC also gave away bike helmets to one student from every grade and one lucky student won a bike.
The grade 5 class went on their class trip on May 28.  After reading Tunnels of Time, the students traveled to the Moose Jaw Tunnels to experience the Chicago tunnel tour.  The grade 3 class travelled to Abernathy to view the Motherwell Homestead.  The grade 3 class had a blast!
The F.L.E.S. had a very busy May this year and looks like June is shaping up the same way.       

Jacey Henrikson
Grade 6