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From: Thursday, June 11, 2015 9:13 AM -0600
Subject:June's Sunshine Reflects on LeRoy
LeRoy students and staff are excited for the month of June as many year-end trips are planned! The Kindergartens, grade 1 and 2’s made their way to the Humboldt museum and LeRoy Leisureland at the beginning of June, they had a blast! The 3/4/5 classroom was lucky enough to be able to also go swimming at our local amenity LeRoy Leisureland and visit the Humboldt Museum on June 25th! Grades 6/7/8 are working on planning a trip to Batoche for some time during June! The 9/10’s were blessed with the chance to take part in a special presentation in Humboldt on June 10th, the presentation was about kidnapping and the dangers involved.  Our 11/12 class is going to Moose Jaw on June 15th to visit the tunnels, as well as many other fun activities that the teachers have planned, they are beyond excited! LeRoy’s SCC has planned a school wide trip to Humboldt on June 17th which includes swimming for half the day and bowling for half the day. We just want to send out a huge Thank-You to the SCC for all of their hard work, we are one lucky student body.  To end the year off before exams, the SRC decided to have a water afternoon for all students and teachers, this includes water balloon toss, wet sponges on our heads, a slip’n’slide, etc and a huge water fight to end it off! Stay tuned for more pictures!!

- Martina Moore, School Reporter