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From: Thursday, June 11, 2015 9:06 AM -0600
Subject:Winston Lends a Helping Hand
The year is almost up, the countdown has begun and summer is just around the corner. Winston always celebrates this time of the year with good will community service. On May 25th to the 29th Winston gave back whole heartedly to their community.

Like every year there was the senior’s tea, the seniors of the community stop on in for a morning tea and cookie along with great service and company. The SRC threw on a heck of a bake sale, with enough sweets to make your teeth rot, if that isn’t community service I don’t know what is. Students moseyed on over to the Elementary school to help the younglings with reading, writing and crafts of all kinds. SRC gave their time to the local senior’s residence, where they lent a helping hand wherever they were needed. To end off the week the whole student body went around the Watrous Community and gave it a good ole spit and shine. Cleaning up the town is always a ritual, but the most exciting part is the free burgers afterwards.


Winston has paid all its dues and summer is on its way. It’s time for celebration and a bittersweet farewell. Thanks to everyone for a fabulous school year, good luck to all the graduates on their further endeavors and hope everyone has a fun, safe summer.

Until next year.  

Sarah Davidson
Winston High School
School Reporter