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From: Monday, June 1, 2015 10:25 AM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
Sorry about the late report. May gets to be a crazy month for everybody being so close to the end of the school year. This month has seen field trips from the 5&6 as well as 11&12 classrooms, track pre-districts and districts, and a neat new survivor game.

Track Districts took place this month on May 19th in Strasbourg. Imperial sent a host of athletes to the event with 10 athletes going on to districts on the 26th, and one athlete, Aiden Hugg, moving on to provincials. For a smaller school, sending 10 athletes to districts is pretty darn good, and although not all of us made it to provincials, we all got close!

Field trips are a great way to wrap up anybody’s school year, especially with the weather warming up so fast. The grade 11&12 wrapped up their field trip to Fort Walsh and Cypress on the 22nd. The trip began on the 21st with our trip to Fort Walsh which was a huge hit with the students (not even kidding, it was actually really fun). Staying overnight that night, students had plenty time to explore the grounds and show off their campfire cooking skills. Canoeing and mini golf were on the agenda for the next day, beautiful green they have there at Cypress mini golf. After the competitive mini golf, the cypress field trip commenced the final drive home.

The next week was the 5&6 trip to Batoche! Although I don’t have the details of this trip, I remember when I went on the Batoche trip myself. The tour of the Batoche is always good times with your classmates. The scenery and the outdoor camping experience is a great way to end the year for any class.

As far as survivor goes, let’s just say that our SRC Creative Director Harper Rae taught everybody how to be fresh with her game fresh tag. Students were split into teams and assigned a wall that they had as home base. The wall was your charge station, the longer you were away from it, the more charge you lost. The point of the game was to be more charged or “Fresh” than the team at the other wall, and when you tagged somebody you got to say “I’m Fresher than you!” and send them to the caught zone. The game was so fun there was no issue with combining the high school kids with the elementary school kids. A great game that I hope to see again in future survivor years.

To sum things up, May was challenging as it was tough to balance the end of the year school work with the end of the year almost-summer mentality, but with sports, field trips, and unreal survivor events, Imperial School is managing the students crave for summer as best it can for its final two months.

- Ben Lewis, School Reporter