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From: Thursday, May 28, 2015 1:28 PM -0600
Subject:Three Lakes School News
May Report 1

The fifth month of 2015 has been a fun and eventful time! On May 4th Ricky Forbes, a Tornado Hunter, came to our school and gave a presentation on what he does and his company. Ricky is the driver who takes him and his two co-workers – a photographer and a videographer- right into the center of some of the world’s worst storms. It was a very interesting presentation which included a tour of their truck decked with gadgets. The very next day May 5th the grade 11 class travelled to Strasbourg for a Holocaust presentation. They took very interesting stories away from it after getting a closer look at the inside point of views. Other than that, grad preparations are continuing as we are two months away from the end of school!

May Report 2

On May 21st the Grade 9 class travelled to Humboldt to take in the annual P.A.R.T.Y Program. It’s always an eye opener and a dramatic revealing of the realities that can result from the choices any one of us make. Next, on May 21st at 7pm the SRC had a hypnotist come in to put on a show! Corrie J. hypnotized around 15 people aged 15-19! It was a very exciting and entertaining evening! As of May 28th we have 22 days of school left including exam week!

  • Morgan Heidecker, School Reporter