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From: Thursday, May 28, 2015 9:49 AM -0600
Subject:On to the Big Leagues

School is running out of time, and summer has sprung early it seems. Luckily for students this is all good news. But there’s more exciting news for Winston’s track stars. Pre-districts are over in Strasbourg, and now it’s time for the big leagues . . . Districts.
After the early bus trip Tuesday May 19th and the sunburns the athletes that competed and did exceptionally well in their events went off to bigger waters, with plenty more fish in the sea. Of course I mean this figuratively because we all know there are no ‘bigger waters’ in Saskatchewan, unless you’re talking about the overflowing Manitou Lake. Many headed to Saskatoon to compete further in their events. Such as, high jump, long jump (lots of jumping involved). Running events, like 400 metre, 200 metre, 800, 3000 . . . a lot of metres. Throwing events like Javelin, for the gladiators, discus, and shot put. It was a hot day in Saskatoon, the star of that day must’ve been Aloe Vera no doubt.

Congrats to all the athletes who have not only made it to Districts and further but to those who participated in Strasbourg as well. The summer isn’t over yet, and neither is track season!

Sarah Davidson
Winston High School
School Reporter