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From: Thursday, May 28, 2015 9:04 AM -0600
Subject:Movin' On Up - Here's To Never Growin' Up

Friday, May 22 was certainly a night to celebrate at Lanigan Elementary School...the Grade Eight Class of 2015 was honoured during the Movin' On Up program.  
Ryder Klapak and Payton Zillich, the evening's hosts, introduced the students as they made their way onto the stage.  Ms. Fansher and Mr. Stroeder welcomed everyone followed by the message to the Grade Eight class by Mrs. Fick.
In her speech, Mrs. Fick highlighted all of the activities that the students had been involved with in the past year and she shared some memories of the students she had taught.  She related the theme of Here's To Never Growing Up to living in the moment and embracing being young, as well as reflecting on good memories of school.  She reminded the students that their parents would always support them in the years to come.  To conclude her talk, Mrs. Fick offered some words of wisdom in a Roughrider-themed style.  

The Awards Presentation was next with the first award going to Irafe Jamlin for Female Athlete.  The Male Athlete Award was presented to Gabe Zerbin.  Kendra Thiessen received the Female Citizenship Award while Brock Morrow was the Male Citizenship recipient.  The Chelsea Bieber Spirit Award was given to Deanne Senko-Loose and the Grade 8 Proficiency Award went to Bree Fisher.

Two students from Lanigan Central High School welcomed the Grade Eight class by offering advise about teachers.  Carlie Klatt and Kirstin Greve provided a fun look at what to expect from the teachers, but in all seriousness, they wished the new high school students well in the fall.
After the audience was treated to the ever-popular slide show of each student, Ms. Fansher, Mrs. Jackson and Mr. Stroeder presented cards and certificates to the students.
Congratulations to all of the Grade Eight students as they “move on up” to Lanigan Central High School.