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From: Monday, May 25, 2015 10:13 AM -0600
Subject:Farewell to May at LeRoy School
The SADD chapter at LeRoy School decided to bring in Mitch Durge to speak to the students. He inspired the students to achieve your dreams and baffled them with his unreal drumming skills! The grades 10-12 went to a Holocaust Symposium in Strasbourg on May 5h, this was very educational for all of the students who attended and it was a great presentation! The Party Program took place in Humboldt on May 21st, which included our grades 9 and 10’s. I remember attending the party program and it sends a great message out to the students about the importance of planning a safe ride home, this message couldn’t be shared enough. Pre-District track took place on May 19th, LeRoy took 42 students to compete and ended up with 22 advancing on to districts in Saskatoon on May 26th. The staff and students of LeRoy were beyond proud of the success this year! Last but not least, we have three students graduating on May 29th, Zachary McGrath, Taylor Block and Martina Moore. The ceremonies are held at the LeRoy School gymnasium at 7:30pm.

  • Martina Moore, Leroy School Reporter