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From: Monday, May 25, 2015 8:47 AM -0600
Subject:LCHS Badminton

What sport requires a racket, eye safety and a birdie? And I suppose a net or two for you to play with? If you guessed badminton you are correct!

This year the badminton was a huge success with the juniors being coached by Mrs. Gunther. The juniors consisted of the following players:

Girls Singles:
-   Lindi Brookbank
  • Kaitlyn Blair
Boys Singles:
  • Blake Williams
  • Scott Hassman
  • Aimal Memon
Girls Doubles:
  • Amy Fedak and Taylor Kardash
  • Chelsea Craven and Kristen Sherban
At pre-districts in girls singles Lindi placed #1 and Kaitlyn placed #3. In the girls doubles Amy and Taylor placed #1 and Chelsea and Kristen placed #3.

Good job Junior badminton players! :)

Their coach Mrs. Gunther says she has been coaching the junior badminton team for the last 4 years and enjoys watching the athletes improve throughout the season.

Juniors the one thing your coach would like you to work on is the strategy, she says, "this is the key to SUCCESS, and that the players need to use a variety of shots to make their opponents RUN!"

Half of the team was new to the sport of badminton or to the partners they were paired up with, either which way they did a spectacular job for their first year!

Mrs. Gunther hopes for all of you to move on to senior badminton next year.

Brandi Senko-Loose
LCHS School Reporter