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From: Thursday, May 21, 2015 12:37 PM -0600
Subject:Yay, it’s May!

        There is only one month left of school! Can you believe it? It is starting to get busy in the school because everything has to be wrapped up before the year end.  The April Huskies of the month were Bethany Ireland (Elementary), Tyson Luby (Middle Years), and Kris Lieffers (High School).  On May 7th and 8th the Drama Club performed their play “Switching Principals.”  For the first night they held a dessert theatre and it was a great crowd! On May 12th, the Drivers Ed students had guest speaker, Krystal Yakowec, give a presentation on driver safety. Upcoming dates are on May 27th K-8 Eyes on Science and on June 4th the school will be hosting an Art Festival from 7-9 P.M in the Cudworth School library.  Wow, that is a lot going on!!
Our school has also had some great success stories to celebrate.  Back in March the grade once class competed in the “So You Think You Can Write?” contest put on by Sylvan Learning and they won first place!  David Fannon, director of Sylvan Learning in Prince Albert, came to their classroom where he gave the class a cash prize and a hands-on robotic demonstration.  Also, Mr. Stewart received an HCAA Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions to school athletic programs.  Congratulations to all.  Our school is very proud of your accomplishments.

-Raelyn, School Reporter