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From: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 10:59 AM -0600
Subject:May Madness at Schell School

Two more months of school, let the countdown begin!

        We are coming up to another busy month of sports and school work. This month we have 2 days off, May 15th & 18th. In addition, our students are participating in Pre-District Track today (May 19th) so we wish you all the best and are glad to have you all representing our school.

Schell has a very exciting guest coming on the May 21st at 9:15 am! Terry Fox's brother Fred Fox will be at the school bringing us some greetings and presenting our school with some special awards. The public is welcome to attend and we ask that you come wearing Red & White or previous year’s Terry Fox t-shirts.

May 22nd will mark the Holdfast Grad for 2015. The ceremonies will start at 7:30 pm in the gymnasium. We wish all the best to our two graduates this year as they embark on their post secondary studies this fall.

Schell will be having another spirit/Lego day on the 28th, so wear a Lego shirt or the color of your team!!

Lots of students are very excited for the end of May as we participate in our annual canoe trip along with Imperial School! We hope the nights aren’t too cold so we can get some sleep after our long days of paddling.

I hope everyone have an "AWESOME" day and enjoy the spring weather!!

- Ranita Luzny, School Reporter