Lance Hiltz
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From: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 9:06 AM -0600
Subject:Introducing The VCS Talent Show!
        On April. 29th, The Sr. SRC hosted a talent show here at VCS. Posters were hung up in Viscount, Young, Meacham, and Plunket to help spread the word of this fantastic event! Students were given the option if they wanted to perform, as well as anyone within the communities. It turned out to be a great night full of entertainment and fun! Jessica Welter, (our SRC president) volunteered to be our M.C. for the evening. Altogether there were nine performances, and all of them were amazing! We had a variety of singers, piano players, guitar players, poetry, and even a jumping rope act! It was so nice seeing all of the great talent we have within our communities. At the end of the night Mr. Heritage presented a slideshow which shared many wonderful moments that everyone has had throughout the school year. Refreshments were served throughout the evening for everyone to enjoy. Thank you to those who performed as well as those who came out to support this exciting event! It was such a great way to bring our communities together. We are looking forward to our second show in Young and hope to see everyone there!

Brookelynn Tetzlaff
VCS Reporter