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From: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 11:01 AM -0600
Subject:"Every Mile a Memory" at Winston HS
Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” The future now belongs to this year’s graduating class of 2015. Students that have lived many years in the halls of Winston are finally being set free and let out into the big world. Their futures are up to them, and now they will have new teachers and mentors and experiences, new memories to make . . . many more miles to travel.

The Graduating class of 2015 is as follows, Landon Bells, Carson James, Austin Rowan, William Thomas, Benjamin Gregg, Ryder Klisowsky, Liam Jensen, Colton Hawkes, Liam Crawford, Caleb Driediger, Volodymyr Vakula, Colton Bushell, Michael Gregg, Quinton Laird, Evan Sommers, Conrad Maine, Maddison Crowshaw, Kassidy McKay, Brianna Marciszyn, Halle Martell, Alexa Westby, Emmalee Mattson, Kassidy Elderkin, Kyla Fidelack, Morgan Amendt, Kendra Thomas, Karter Elderkin, Sam Fisher, Jordan Bergsveinson, Lucy Moffett, Selina Toledo, Brittney Lundberg, Jaicee Farber, Aylia Berry, Halle Stewart, Kimberly Struthers, Victoria Weisner, Jensen Lewis, Holly McGrath, and Danielle Porter.

The evening started off in the Civic Centre for the annual Graduation banquet. Family members and escorts made their seats as Grads made their extravagant entrance and everyone oooed and awed over how nicely everyone cleaned up. Ball gowns and tuxedos made it seem like a scene out of a film. The first speech of the evening was the tribute to the parents, given by Landon Bells, one of the graduates of 2015. The the response was given by none other than the comedian of Watrous, Lee Bells. Following was the Teacher’s tribute given by graduate Kyla Fidelack. “I like to think of our school as a second home,” said Kyla.“ The response was given by teacher Steve Armstrong.Of course there is the time which I believe the graduates enjoy the most. The classic, “Remember When” given by graduates Jordan Bergsveinson, Emmalee Mattson and Evan Somers. To end off the speeches for the banquet portion of the evening, the grad tribute was given by Principal Terry Braman. He congratulated the class on their graduation and spoke highly on how talented and inspiring the class of 2015 was. And then the most exciting part of the banquet . . . the food! A delicious meal that many are still dreaming of. Thanks to the wonderful and talented staff at Peppertree.  

And so it began, the grand finale to an evening that will not be easily forgotten. The ceremony, held in the curling rink. The theme . . . every mile a memory, and nothing could be truer. First was the principal’s message given by Terry Braman. He spoke on how unique the class was and how much they impacted Winston. “Athletes, scholars, artists . . .” Those were just some of the words that were used to describe the class of 2015. Tribute to education was the next speech given by Maddison Crowshaw, a graduate who has two parents, who are not just her parents, but also her teachers. The response to her speech were none other than her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Crowshaw. The community tribute was given by graduate Holly McGrath. The response was given by local business owner Lane Manson. The guest speaker for the evening was none other than driving instructor, Dean Stewart. He gave wise advice to all graduates and spoke honestly on how lucky and free they were at that moment in their lives.   Valedictorian Liam Jensen gave the last speech of the night. Looking back Liam spoke about the times he shared with his classmates throughout all the years. After his speech Liam passed the ceremonial torch on to grade eleven student Mitchel Toews.

Each grad then accepted their scrolls and was escorted out of the building, to venture out . . . but not too far – as school is back on Monday. Every year a great class of students is let go, and left to be independent adults. Winston holds onto the memories made by each and every one of them, and cherishes them greatly. The class of 2015 will be missed, but Winston and the Watrous community wishes them tremendous luck on their future endeavors! Congratulations grads!

- Sarah Davidson, Winston School Reporter