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From: Monday, May 11, 2015 12:47 PM -0600
Subject:Badminton at HPS
Jr. Badminton has concluded for the season. The team consisted of approximetly 25 grade 7 and 8 student athletes. Each week HPS played host to doubles badminton matches. Players were encouraged to play a variety of categories, including doubles, singles and mixed doubles. A number of athletes also played in Bruno on one occasion.

At the Pre-District level 11 student athletes competed for HPS. Lyka Calong and Rachel Popoff won Girls Double Gold at Pre-Districts and represented HPS at the district level.

The team would like to thank Miss Sunderland, Miss Gaetz and Mr. Hill for supervising game play at St. Augustine and St. Dominic during the season.

- Coach, Mr. Olchowski​