Lance Hiltz
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From: Wednesday, May 6, 2015 4:39 PM -0600
Subject:April At Foam Lake Elementary School

      April was a very busy month at the F.L.E.S. On April 1st we had a Pink Shirt Day, a SCC Pink Pancake Breakfast, and at 1:00 we watched a movie about bullying called “Chicken Little.” Then on April 2, grades 4-6 students went to the Foam Lake Composite School to look at all the Science Fair projects. This is a very good idea since next the grade 6 students will be involved with science fair.  This may spark some new ideas for them for next year.
The third week of April, the grade 5 and 6 band students went to the Kelvington Music Festival.  The band did very well.  In the fourth week the school hosted the annual Foam Lake Elementary School Pasta Supper. Approximately $4200 was raised and the money raised will go toward new swings and new bike racks.  The following day our school sold the leftover pasta to the students for a toonie.
 In the last week of April the F.L.E.S. had a Charity for a Cause.  The students paid 50 cents to extend the afternoon recess by 15 minutes, and all of the money raised goes toward various charities.  Also on April 30th, the grade 4 class hosted a treat sale.  The money they raised goes toward their year-end class trip and the class party.  Overall, the Foam Lake Elementary School had a very busy month.       

Jacey Henrikson
Grade 6