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From: Monday, May 4, 2015 3:04 PM -0600
Subject:Wynyard Elementary School News
April showers bring May flowers! Well, so far that is not true.  It has barely rained at all this April, which is good because the playground has had a chance to dry.
        One of the really big and exciting events that happened toward the end of April was a Hoop Dancer came to our school to do a presentation.  He is 27 years old and his name is Teddy.  His dances taught us that we are all equal and we are all part of one world.  They taught us that to be kind to one another, to respect and care for each other are the most important things in life.  If we treat everyone with kindness and equality we can build a beautiful world that everyone can be safe and happy. Sadly, we can also tear it apart.
        He told a story about how his family went to Africa just after two tribes had a war.  When he got off of the airplane there was a wall with holes in it from guns being shot.  At the school there was a big wire wall around the whole structure.  Every day in class one boy would hit another boy in the head with a rock.  After school the two boys would beat one another up.  Awhile later, Teddy finally learned that the two boys were part of the two tribes that had a war and did not treat one another with respect and kindness.  
        He also taught Wynyard Elementary different sign language symbols that have different meanings.  As a special treat, we purchased one of his books for each of the WES classrooms.  His book tells a tale about a young boy and an elder that teaches all of the children in the world to treat everyone with kindness and respect by telling the story of a hoop dancer.  In the end the children ask the elder who the hoop dancer was.  The machine says that it is the CHILDREN! That children can help make this world be a better, kinder and more respectful place and that together we can build one big beautiful world.
        And with that warm thought, I will sign off until next month.

Faith E Prime
School Reporter
Wynyard Elementary School