Lance Hiltz
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From: Thursday, April 30, 2015 8:28 AM -0600
Subject:So Long April at LeRoy School

        April was a busy month for those at LeRoy School, from badminton, to fundraising, to hot lunches! On April 22nd, the SRC hosted a soup and bun hot lunch which never seems to let anyone down! Badminton started to wind down among the students as league has finished and both the SR and JR players have competed in pre-districts! For those still competing, good luck! The Vesey’s Bulbs Fundraiser came to an end on April 28th, and the SRC discovered that the LeRoy students have fundraised more than $2000 for their school! We are so pleased we planned a school wide ice cream treat for all the students! Track has started up, and the students will be travelling to Strasbourg on May 19th for pre districts! Stay tuned in May to find out about Track and many other activities happening at LeRoy School!

Martina Moore, School Reporter