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From: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 4:22 PM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
        April was a fun month in Imperial School. In this report I will discuss two of the larger events that happened this month; first was The Anti-Bullying/Pink Shirt Day on the 1st and the second being Medieval Feast on the 23rd. Both were wonderful and entertaining and made life at Imperial School a really good time.

        Pink Shirt Day is an annual event that focuses on eradicating bullying as well as building and strengthening bonds among students. Every grade contributed something different this year. The 1&2 Classroom provided hard boiled eggs and the equipment required to decorate them so we saw many creatively designed eggs (that were also delicious). The Grade 3&4 Classroom had us decorating cookies with all sorts of sprinkles and icing (again delicious). The Grade 5&6 Classroom had a neat activity in which every participant was given a piece of a puzzle to decorate with things they like, their favorite activities, etc; These puzzle pieces were all combined and are now on display in the elementary end. As for the 7&8 Classroom, they had us playing a version of freeze tag in which you could only be freed if somebody complimented you; they called it complement tag. The 9&10 Classroom sent everybody to different parts of the community to Dance to the Black Eyed Peas hit song “My Humps”. Only kidding it was “Where is the Love”, still a good song. And finally the 11&12 classroom had everybody add a few links to the schools Rachel’s Challenge Chain which has now made it past the gym doors!

        For the 11&12 Classroom April meant the completion of the Medieval Feast. Though I am not sure, I believe that Medieval Feast is a bi-yearly event put on by Mrs..Baade’s 11&12 English class after studying Hamlet. Having never been to a feast, I had no Idea what to expect. The Feast featured a grand table set up in the gym, and Gourmet food prepared by the teachers flying out of the home ec room to find its designated guest. Though the food was exceptional, the evening also featured presentations by the students about, weaponry, agriculture, and medieval insults; as well as demonstrations of jousting and fencing, a song (performed by yours truly) and tours of the model globe theaters made by students. To finish the night off, the students performed the Wayne and Shuster play Rinse the Blood off My Toga and closed the ceremonies with another song.

        April leaves May up next with high expectations from everybody, but I think as long as it doesn’t snow that May can’t go wrong. Only a few months of school left until the big finale and the end of another year at Imperial School.