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From: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 4:17 PM -0600
Subject:Walk That Walk and Eat That Cake

        The rabbits are laying eggs again, magical eggs made out of chocolate and candy. Not literally, but in the spirit of Easter we can just assume that that’s what actually happens. Winston is already in the spirit of spring and sugar, or Easter. And that only means one thing . . . Cake Walk!
        Imagine musical chairs . . . but with cake. Perfect excuse to give students a sugar rush and a break from school. Only five bucks a ticket to miss a good couple hours on dancing around chairs to win a cake. I mean come on, that’s like every kids dream. On Thursday April 2nd, last day before spring break Winston High school held the annual Cake Walk, a great way to begin the Easter break. Why not send the kid’s home stuffed with sugar? There was music, wild prancing, dancing and off key singing filling the entire gym. Cakes were won, and cakes were stared at with the disappointed eyes of the losers. Luckily there’s such a thing called cake mix! I’m sure a lot of people went home inspired to be the next best baker.
        Like always it was a success, a sugar filled one. Thanks to the SRC and all the musical chair participants, hope everyone had a great Easter break! Happy chocolate egg eating!

Sarah Davidson
School Reporter
Winston High School