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From: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 8:51 AM -0600
Subject:Baking Pies with the Director
On Monday, April 13, the Raymore School PAA 20 class hosted Mr. Garinger in their classroom to make sour cream and raisin pies. Mr. Garinger shared a favorite recipe, which he learned from Roberta Bender during his time as an administrator in Strasbourg. Students worked together to make a crust from scratch and a homemade meringue. Students enjoyed the opportunity to learn a new skill while getting to know and work with our Director of Education. It was a great way to start-off term 4. It was also a great opportunity for Mr. Garinger to enjoy the fun side of teaching, demonstrate his pie-making abilities, teach our students some new techniques and continue to build relationships. By the end of class, students were asking him to come back to make more delicious dishes!