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From: Monday, April 6, 2015 9:07 AM -0600
Subject:HPS Spring Reading Competition
Humboldt Public School held OUR annual spring reading competition sponsored by our friends at Horizon Fertilizers and what a competition it was!!!! This year was, by far, our best competition yet!
Divided into three divisions, our classes compete against each other to see which class can read the most minutes outside of school hours in a month! Division 1 saw Pre K, Kindergarten, grade 1, ½ and 2 classes competing. Grade ½ took the top prize in that division with 10 465 minutes followed by Kindergarten Orange (4884 mins.), ~Grade 1 (4192 mins), Kindergarten Yellow (3855 mins), Grade 2 (3052 mins) and Pre K (1391 mins). This was the first year that our K and PK classes have been so involved in the competition and we were really excited to have them taking part so actively. ~In Division 2, our grade 3, 4, and 5 students went head to head. Grade 5 (who were last year’s winners) topped out this division with 20 547 minutes. They had battled all month long with Grade 4 S who finished out with 16 468 minutes. Grade 3 (9 115 mins) and grade 4 B (2 530 mins) also finished strong. In our last division,~ our senior students put in a strong effort this year which was awesome to see! Grade 7 M took top prize in this division with 26 849 minutes followed by 7 B (18 349 mins) who held their minutes until the last week surprising us all. Grade 8 took third in this division with 9 963 mins followed by the staff with
6 019 mins. 6K and 6 P rounded out the third division with 2 831 and 2 076 mins respectively. Our friends over at HORIZON FERTLIZERS provide our top three classes with a free book for every student in the class and the top class wins a pizza party. This year’s winners are Grade ½ Souter, Grade 5 Fontaine and for the first time EVER a Senior class takes top prize, Grade 7 Moore!! Congratulations to everyone for such a fantastic job and a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO HORIZON FERTILIZERS FOR THEIR ONGOING SUPPORT OF THIS LITERACY INITIATIVE!!