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From: Thursday, April 2, 2015 11:32 AM -0600
Subject:Day of Pink at Archerwill School
On April 1st Archerwill School participated in the Red Cross Saskatchewan Day of Pink #ImagineNoBullying Campaign.~ Students from Grade 1 – 9 as well as Staff members were encouraged to wear pink t-shirts to support anti-bullying in schools.~ All the students decorated puzzle pieces with pictures and messages to show what a healthy school looks and feels like.~ After watching a couple “No Bullying” videos, we went on a walk around the town of Archerwill showing our support on this day.~ We met back in the school gymnasium to piece our puzzle together and to all sign our names on a giant pink t-shirt with a ~pledge that states we all have an obligation to help and to not remain silent in situations of bullying.~~ In all it was a very successful day.