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From: Thursday, April 2, 2015 9:33 AM -0600
Subject:Culture Event at HPS
On Friday, March 20, Humboldt Public School partnered with the SWIS (Settlement Workers in Schools) program to create a fantastic cultural event. Students from Grades 2-4 were grouped into three groups which attended 4 different centers designed to provide learning around acceptance of others. The first center was Sneetches on Beaches using the wonderful story by Dr. Seuss. Students had read the story previously and became the Sneetches. Some were Sneetches with no stars and others were ‘Sneetches with stars on thars’. They worked with Sylvester McMonkey McBean to~ put stars on and take stars off and examine the idea of discrimination. At center 2, we discussed the theme “Only laundry should be sorted by colour”. We talked about why laundry had to be sorted by colour and why people didn’t. We looked at how people might be different but how, ultimately, we are all the same. ~Then the students decorated pieces of laundry which would later be hung on the clothes line. Center 3 saw the students learning how to print their name and other words in Russian. After everyone cycled through the three centers, we all met for the fourth and final group together. We revisited the theme of the afternoon and taught the students the symbol for stopping racism ( a raised hand held out in front to show stopping). The students then hung their laundry on the line in their separate colours but as we looked around us, we realized how very fortunate we all are to live in a time and space where multicultural acceptance is practiced and taught.

- Vicki Mulhern