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From: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 4:12 PM -0600
Subject:Anti-Bullying Presentation at Lake Lenore School

Celine Ferre, student at St. Brieux School, was one of six Horizon students chosen to attend the second annual Student First Anti-Bullying Forum held earlier this year. These six students were accompanied by Superintendent of Learning, Crandall Hrynkiw, and Coordinator, Jan Paproski. The forum invites students from around the province to share experiences and possible solutions to the bullying issues faced by their schools. Since the forum, Celine has taken a leadership role in promoting the SaskTel Blue String Campaign at her school, and has now begun delivering her own anti-bullying presentation to schools throughout the division.

On the morning of March 31, students at Lake Lenore School enjoyed Celine’s first presentation outside of St. Brieux School. Her talk includes statistics on school bullying, ideas for students to promote anti-bullying themselves, and her own personal experience helping others who have dealt with bullying. Celine invites students to join her in wearing a blue string to signify respect for others, care for others, and zero-tolerance for bullying.


Celine is currently planning visits to other Horizon schools, and is hoping to present at schools outside the division. For more information on the Blue String Campaign, or if you would like to have Celine present to your class, please contact the Horizon School Division Office.