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From: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 1:54 PM -0600
Subject:Winston Gets Aware on Awareness Week

        Like always, Winston is supportive over global issues in today’s society. Our school is never shy to educate its students on what’s going on around us. On March 23rd – 27th Winston held its annual Awareness Week, one of my personal favorites.
        This year the MHAC committee shook things up with Mental Health day, everyone wore blue, and their true colours. MHAC posted a banner up in the school’s main hallway of every one of its students holding up a piece of paper with either who they were or what they were good at. It was a great positivity influencer and brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Tuesday was anti-racism day, everyone wore either black or white or both to promote the importance of equality. Wednesday was Anti Bullying day and pink was the colour, plus a great Easter inspired minute to win it. A great way to bring the students together in their CHAOS groups and as a school. Thursday was LGBT, purple was the way to go. Last but not least, Friday, Anti- drinking and driving day, red was on everyone’s person that day. And in everyone’s hands were mock-tails, prepared and provided by the school’s SRC.
        Like any spirit week, Awareness week was a success and brought the school closer together. Thanks to everyone who participated and the SRC for throwing yet another great Awareness week on. Never forget to support the people around you, in your school in your community, and never judge a book by its cover. Happy Awareness week!
        Sarah Davidson
        School Reporter
        Winston High School